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at February 6, 2013 07:20 by lmontealegre

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public void SetSql(string sql)   
public void PrepareSql()   
public void SetParameterTextValue(string parameterName, string value)   
public void SetParameterDateTimeValue(string parameterName, DateTime value)   
public void SetParameterIntValue(string parameterName, int value)   
public void SetParameterDoubleValue(string parameterName, double value)   
public void SetParameterNullValue(string parameterName)   
public object ExecuteNonQuery()   
public object ExecuteScalar()   
public DataSet ExecuteDataSet()   
public OleDbDataReader ExecuteOleDbDataReader()   
public SqlDataReader ExecuteSqlDataReader()  

public SqlConnection SqlConnection;   
public OleDbConnection OleDbConnection;   
public SqlCommand SqlCommand;   
public OleDbCommand OleDbCommand;

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defined a shared script database, Visual Web Ripper will pass an instance of the class WrSharedDatabase to all your script functions. The WrSharedDatabase class has the following methods that all work the same, regardless of the type of database you are accessing.

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Defined a shared script SQL database

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