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Initial Code
<!DOCTYPE html>
	<meta charset="utf-8">
	<!-- Quiz Written By Jeremy Rue, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism -->
		/*css reset */
		body{line-height:1; font:normal 0.9em/1em "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;} 
		#frame{max-width:620px;width:100%;border:1px solid #ccc;background:#eee;padding:10px;} 
		#content{font:normal normal 1em/1.5em "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;margin:0 40px 10px;} 
		h1{font:normal bold 2em/1.8em "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;text-align:left;background:#ccc;padding:0 15px;width:auto}
		h2{font:italic bold 1.3em/1.2em "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;padding:5px 15px 15px;} 
		input[type=radio]{margin:0 10px 5px -22px;} label{margin:0 0 5px;}
		#score p{font-size:0.95em; font-style:italic; color:#666; float:right;margin:5px 5px 0 0;}
		#response{min-height:70px; margin:10px; }
		#response h3{font:normal bold 1.2em/1.5em "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; margin:5px 0;}
		var quiz = [
				"question"		: 	"Q1: Who came up with theory of relativity?",
				"choices"		: 	[
										"Sir Isaac Newton",
										"Nicolaus Copernicus",
										"Albert Einstein",
										"Ralph Waldo Emmerson"
				"correct"		: 	"Albert Einstein",
				"explanation"	: 	"Albert Einstein drafted the special theory of relativity in 1905.",
				"question"		: 	"Q2: Who is on the two dollar bill?",
				"choices"		: 	[
										"Thomas Jefferson",
										"Dwight D. Eisenhower",
										"Benjamin Franklin",
										"Abraham Lincoln"
				"correct"		: 	"Thomas Jefferson",
				"explanation"	: 	"The two dollar bill is seldom seen in circulation. As a result, some businesses are confused when presented with the note.",
				"question"		: 	"Q3: What event began on April 12, 1861?",
				"choices"		: 	[
										"First manned flight",
										"California became a state",
										"American Civil War began",
										"Declaration of Independence"
				"correct"		: 	"American Civil War began",
				"explanation"	: 	"South Carolina came under attack when Confederate soldiers attacked Fort Sumter. The war lasted until April 9th 1865.",
		var currentQuestion = 0;
		var score = 0;
		var askingQuestion = true;
		function loadQuestion(){
			//set temporary variable for creating radio buttons
			var radioButton;
			//clear out radio buttons from previous question
			document.getElementById('content').innerHTML = "";
			//loop through choices, and create radio buttons
			for(var i=0; i < quiz[currentQuestion]["choices"].length; i++){
				radioButton  = document.createElement('input');
				radioButton.type = 'radio'; = 'quiz'; = 'choice'+ (i+1);
				radioButton.value = quiz[currentQuestion]["choices"][i];
				//create label tag, which hold the actual text of the choices
				var label = document.createElement('label');
				label.setAttribute('for','choice'+ (i+1));
				label.innerHTML = quiz[currentQuestion]["choices"][i];
				//create a <br> tag to separate options
				var br = document.createElement('br');
				//attach them to content. Attach br tag, then label, then radio button
				document.getElementById('content').insertBefore(label, br);
				document.getElementById('content').insertBefore(radioButton, label);
			//load the question
			document.getElementById('question').innerHTML = quiz[currentQuestion]["question"];
			//setup score for first time
			if(currentQuestion == 0){
				document.getElementById('score').innerHTML = '<p>score: 0 right answers out of ' + quiz.length +' possible</p>';
		function checkAnswer(){
			//are we asking a question, or proceeding to next question?
				//change button text to next question, so next time they click it, it goes to next question
				document.getElementById('check').innerHTML = 'Next Question';
				askingQuestion = false;
				//determine which radio button they clicked
				var userpick;
				var correctIndex;
				var radios = document.getElementsByName('quiz');
				for(var i=0; i < radios.length; i++){
					if(radios[i].checked){ //if this radio button is checked
						userpick = radios[i].value;
					//get index of correct answer
					if(radios[i].value == quiz[currentQuestion]["correct"]){
						correctIndex = i;
				//set the color if they got it right, or wrong
				if(userpick == quiz[currentQuestion]["correct"]){
					document.getElementsByTagName('label')[correctIndex].style.color = "green";
					document.getElementsByTagName('label')[correctIndex].style.fontWeight = "bold";
					document.getElementById('explanation').innerHTML = "<h3>Correct!</h3>";
				} else {
					document.getElementsByTagName('label')[correctIndex].style.color = "red";
					document.getElementsByTagName('label')[correctIndex].style.fontWeight = "bold";
					document.getElementById('explanation').innerHTML = "<h3>Incorrect</h3>";
				document.getElementById('explanation').innerHTML += '<p>' + quiz[currentQuestion]["explanation"] + '</p>';
				document.getElementById('score').innerHTML = '<p>score: '+ score +' right answers out of ' + quiz.length +' possible</p>';
			} else { //reset form and move to next question

				//setting up so user can ask a question
				askingQuestion = true;
				//change button text back to 'submit answer'
				document.getElementById('check').innerHTML = 'Submit Answer';
				document.getElementById('explanation').innerHTML = "";
				//if we're not on last question, increase question number
				if(currentQuestion < quiz.length - 1){
				} else {

		function showFinalResults(){
			document.getElementById('content').innerHTML = '<h2>You Completed The Quiz</h2>';
			document.getElementById('content').innerHTML += '<p>Below are your results:</p>';
			document.getElementById('content').innerHTML += '<h2>' + score + ' out of ' + quiz.length + ' questions, ' + Math.round(score/quiz.length * 100) + '%</h2>';
			//delete the button
			var button = document.getElementById('check');
			button.parentNode.removeChild(button); //js requires you to delete elements from the parent
			//remove question
			document.getElementById('question').innerHTML = "";
		window.onload = loadQuestion;
	<div id="frame">
		<h1>Quiz Title Here</h1>
		<div id="score"><p>score: 0 right answers out of 0 possible</p></div>
		<h2 id="question">Question here</h2>
		<div id="content">

		<button id="check" onclick="checkAnswer()">Submit Answer</button>
		<div id="response">
			<div id="explanation"></div>

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**Simple JavaScript Quiz**

Edit the main quiz array with your own questions, then publish. Since it's an entire HTML file, it's best to save this file on a server and embed it as needed using an iframe tag.

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