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at June 16, 2008 19:25 by EvanL

Initial Code
<div class="<?php print "block block-$block->module" ?>" id="<?php print "block-$block->module-$block->
delta"; ?>">
<?php print $block->subject ?>
  <div class="content"><?php print $block->content ?>
  <?php  if ($block->module == "block"):?>
      <?php  if (user_access('administer blocks')) :?>
      <br /><center><a href='/admin/block/edit/<?php print $block->delta;?>'>(edit this block)</a></center>
      <?php endif; ?>
  <?php endif; ?>

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Initial Description
Allow for easier editing of content by users who didn't make the site.

Initial Title
Drupal: Edit this Block link

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php, html, drupal

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