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#define IS_PHONE  UI_USER_INTERFACE_IDIOM()==UIUserInterfaceIdiomPhone

#define ALLOC_PER_DEVICE()  id retVal = nil; \
                            NSString *className = NSStringFromClass(self);\
                            if (IS_PHONE && ![className hasSuffix:@"Phone"]) {\
                                className = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@Phone", className];\
                                Class newClass = NSClassFromString(className);\
                                retVal = [newClass alloc];\
                            if (!retVal)\
                                retVal = [super alloc];\
                            assert(retVal != nil);\
                            return retVal\

// Sample Usage
+ (id) alloc {

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This method will alloc the current class unless the device is a phone (also defined here). Then it will try to alloc the class with the suffix "Phone."

Initial Title
Alloc Method to Choose Between Regular and Phone

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iphone, ios

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Objective C