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<!-- rel-licence -->
<!-- Links to the licence document for the page in question -->
NOTE: If embedded inside hReview, the licence is for that review, 
not the whole document 
<a href="" rel="licence">Licence</a>

<!-- rel-tag -->
<!-- Tags the page, or a large part of the page as being about microformats -->
NOTE: When used inside another microformat (hAtom), it applies to that 
microformat, not the whole page 
<a href="" rel="tag">microformats</a>

<!-- rel-nofollow -->
<!-- The page linked to will gain no PageRank from the link -->
NOTE: 	Google follows the link, no PageRank added
		MSN: Page isn't followed, doesn't index the page
		Yahoo: Follows the link and indexes the page  
<a href="" rel="nofollow">BBC Site</a>

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Simple usage of the rel attribute in your HTML using microformats.

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Usage of the Rel Attribute in Microformats (licence, tag, nofollow)

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