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// Your everyday absolute tween that moves movieclip_mc
// to 100 on the x axis, taking one second to do so, 1, {x:100});
// A relative tween that moves movieclip_mc to a
// position on the x axis 100 units/pixels greater
// than movieclip_mc's current position, 1, {x:"100"});
// An absolute tween like the first, but passing in
// the new value with a variable, 1, {x:newX});
// A tween that casts the variable as a string,
// thus making it a relative tween, 1, {x:String(newX)});

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If you want to tween an object relatively, but the new value changes and needs to be a variable, just cast it as a string.

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Tweening to a Relative Position using a Variable in TweenMax

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ActionScript 3