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at December 10, 2011 02:29 by bernhardb

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function getBgPos(oObj) {
	var aPosXY = false;

	try {
		aPosXY = oObj.css('background-position').replace(/px/g, '').split(' ');
		aPosXY[0] = parseInt(aPosXY[0]);
		aPosXY[1] = parseInt(aPosXY[1]);
	} catch(error) {
		var aPosX = oObj.css("background-position-x").split('px');
		var aPosY = oObj.css("background-position-y").split('px');
		aPosXY = new Array(parseInt(aPosX[0]), parseInt(aPosY[0]));
	return aPosXY;

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Creating sprite buttons often had problems with different browsers.
This is a solution to get background positions in each browser for further manipulation.

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Cross Browser CSS sprites (for hovers, clicks, active state change via background position change)

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jquery, background

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