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function getVars($arrVars){
	foreach ($arrVars as $Key=>$Value){
			if (gettype($Value)=='array'){
				for($k=0; $k <= count($arrVars[$Key])-1;$k++){
					$txtGetVars .= ($txtGetVars=='')? $Key.'[]='$arrVars[$Key][$k] :'&'.$Key.'[]='.$arrVars[$Key][$k];
					$txtGetVars .=($txtGetVars=='')? $Key.'='.$Value :'&'.$Key.'='.$Value ;
		return $txtGetVars;


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Transform $_GET or $_POST in a string to add to an URL and send variables and values.
Argument: Receive an $_GET O $_POST array function.
Returns: variables concatenation to add to the URL.

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getVars Function for PHP.

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