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function setConfirmUnload(on) {
            window.onbeforeunload = (on) ? unloadMessage : null;
        function unloadMessage() {
            return 'You have entered new data on this page.  If you navigate away from this page without first saving your data, the changes will be lost.';

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Easy to use in C# ASP.NET:
to prevent a user from losing data when navigating away from whatever page they are on, just add
  string setConfirmUnload = "setConfirmUnload(true);";
  ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, this.GetType(), "", setConfirmUnload, true);
to you code somewhere, or just call
from the onClick or onClientClick even of a link.
To allow a link to navigate away, pass in false instead.

Might be handy on an ASP.NET master page.

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Javascript to warn the user that they will lose data if they go away from this page

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