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at August 24, 2011 22:03 by iloveitaly

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# sends your local dev machines keys to the production machine for easy deployment + ssh

if [[ ! -e ~/.ssh/ ]]; then
	echo "Local keys do not exist, creating them..."
	ssh-keygen -t rsa

echo "username"
read username
echo "domain"
read domain

if [[ ! -e ~/.ssh/ ]]; then
	echo "You do not have a SSH key generated locally"
	exit 1

scp ~/.ssh/ "$username"@"$domain":~/tmp_key
ssh "$username"@"$domain" 'if [[ ! -e ~/.ssh/ ]]; then mkdir -m 700 ~/.ssh; fi; if [[ ! -e ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ]]; then touch ~/.ssh/authorized_keys; fi; chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys; cat ~/tmp_key >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys; rm ~/tmp_key'

exit 0

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Move Local SSH Keys to Remote User

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Bash, ssh

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