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at August 21, 2011 23:46 by radykal

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//one solution
your3dObject.addEventListener(InteractiveScene3DEvent.OBJECT_OVER, over3dObject);
your3dObject.addEventListener(InteractiveScene3DEvent.OBJECT_OUT, out3dObject);
//active buttonMode
function over3dObject(evt:InteractiveScene3DEvent):void
	this.viewport.buttonMode = true;
//disable buttonMode
function out3dObject(evt:InteractiveScene3DEvent):void
	this.viewport.buttonMode = false;

//solution when you are working with viewport layers
var my3dObjectLayer:ViewportLayer = this.viewport.getChildLayer(my3dObject);
my3dObjectLayer.buttonMode = true;

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There is no buttonMode property in the DisplayObject3D class in Papervision 3D. But there is a buttonMode for the viewport. So this would be my solution to create a hand cursor on a object.

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buttonMode for a single object in Papervision 3D

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ActionScript 3