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Pod name = 'name_of_your_pod'
Pod columns
id (not shown in the admin, but it's there)
name (default, required)
entry (created, paragraph) 


$type_of_pod = new Pod('name_of_your_pod');
$type_of_pod->findRecords('name ASC'); // sorts by the name of the pod 
$total = $type_of_pod->getTotalRows(); // gets all the pod with that 'type'
	if( $total>0 ) : 
		while ( $type_of_pod->fetchRecord() ) :
			$id = $type_of_pod -> get_field('id');
			$name = $type_of_pod ->get_field('name');
			$entry = $type_of_pod ->get_field('entry');
		?><p><?php echo $id ?></p>
		  <p><?php echo $name ?></p>
		  <p><?php echo $entry ?></p><?php 


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A great plugin for Wordpress:

Currently does not play well with plugins that use custom fields but this will change in version 2.

For more information, refer to:

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Pods CMS for Wordpress: retrieve and display pod entries

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