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at March 20, 2008 20:33 by cburyta

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	 * A utility method that builds out the SQL for the LIMIT / OFFSET chunk of the SQL
	 * @param page		the page that will be pulled, will affect the OFFSET
	 * @param perpage	how many items per page, will affect the LIMIT
	 * @return string	an SQL statement consisting of the LIMIT and OFFSET
	private function _buildLimitOffsetSQL($page,$perpage) {
		$limit = (is_numeric($perpage) && $perpage>0) ? $perpage : 10;
		$offset = (is_numeric($page) && $page>0) ? ($page-1)*$perpage : 0;
		return "LIMIT $limit OFFSET $offset";

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Utility PHP function to paginate SQL queries

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sql, php, textmate

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