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// Author: Jeroen Ransijn
// Auto updating copyright notice
function auto_copyright_notice($startYear,$txt) {  
  // this line will compare the startYear with the current year, if this is the same only display the startYear
  // if this is false, both show: $startYear 'en dash(Study Typography you nerd!)' $currentYear
  // note that if $starYear is bigger then the current year, 
  // or isn't an integer this function will still return the current year
  $year = ($startYear >= date("Y") ? date("Y") : $startYear . "–". date("Y"));		
  return $year . " © " . $txt;		

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__A lot of websites are victim of outdated copyright notices, 2008, 2009 even 2000.__

This function is designed to combat this annoyance, resulting in proper copyright notices. With **valid years**, and also valid **Typography**, separating the dates with an **En dash** and using **character entities**.   

Using this function in your footer will create an output string similar as:   
<code>2008–2011 © </code> for $startYear = 2008    
<code>2011 © </code> if the $startYear is equal(or bigger) compared to the current year, note that if an invalid date(higher) is passed as the argument the function will still return the current year   
<code>Our company 2011 © </code> for $startYear = "Our company" **(not advised)**   
<code>2009–2011 © Our company</code> for $startYear = 2009 and $txt = "Our company" **(advised)**

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Auto updating copyright notice

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