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    <option>Mixed Race</option>
    <option>Arctic (Siberian, Eskimo)</option>
    <option>Caucasian (European)</option>
    <option>Caucasian (Indian)</option>
    <option>Caucasian (Middle East)</option>
    <option>Caucasian (North African, Other)</option>
    <option>Indigenous Australian</option>
    <option>Native American</option>
    <option>North East Asian (Mongol, Tibetan, Korean Japanese, etc)</option>
    <option>Pacific (Polynesian, Micronesian, etc)</option>
    <option>South East Asian (Chinese, Thai, Malay, Filipino, etc)</option>
    <option>West African, Bushmen, Ethiopian</option>
    <option>Other Race</option>

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Here's a quick list for collecting the race/ethnicity of a user in an online form.

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Race / Ethnicity Drop Down List for Web Forms

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form, dropdown

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