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 * Hook Preproccess Block
function phptemplate_preprocess_block(&$vars) {
  $block = $vars['block'];
  $chars_delta = strlen($block->delta);
  // don't do anything if this block is not from views module or if delta < 32 chararacters
  // because md5 is always 32
  if ($block->module == 'views' && $chars_delta >= '32') {
     //get from variable table the hashes and their corresponding views name, in an associative array
     $hashes = variable_get('views_block_hashes', '');
    // add a nice new template suggestion if this delta is a hash
    if(isset($hashes[$block->delta])) {
       $block->custom_classes['block_id'] = $block->module .'-'. $hashes[$block->delta];
       $vars['template_files'][] = $block->custom_classes['block_id'];
  else { 
    // just set the normal block id for css
    $block->custom_classes['block_id'] = $block->module .'-'. $block->delta;


/*How to call this in block.tpl.php*/
<div id="block-<?php print $block->custom_classes['block_id']; ?>" class="clear-block block block-<?php print $block->module ?>">

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This code goes directly into your template.php file after you remove the open and close PHP tags at the beginning and end.

Then place the call below in your block.tpl.php. Don't forget to flush cache.

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Drupal 6 - Stop views from giving block ids a hash name - Block Preprocess

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