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if($key == 'short_address') {
	// this is tricky b/c of international addresses
	// if the location is US based then we want to display an identifier similiar to: Bob's Place in Downingtown OH
	// if the location is non-USA based (and either city or providence is not available) then we want to display: Bob's Place in Downingtown USA
	return $this->name.' in '.$this->city.' '.$this->providence.
		(empty($this->city) || empty($this->providence) ? ' '.$this->country : '');
} else if($key == 'full_address') {
	// target format for US based addresses:
	//	300 Road Street
	//	Town PA, 19335
	// target format for non-US based addresses
	//	address1
	//	City, Providence Postal Code Country
	// the trims handle edge cases when there is not enough information to propertly display an address
	if($this->country == 'US') {
		return trim(trim($this->address1."\n".$this->address2)."\n".$this->city).", ".$this->providence." ".$this->postal_code;
	} else {
		return trim(trim($this->address1."\n".$this->address2)."\n".$this->city).", ".$this->providence." ".$this->postal_code." ".$this->country;

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I'm not well versed in international address formatting, but this seems to work for most cases. Critiques are welcome!

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International Short & Long Address Formatting

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