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at December 21, 2007 18:36 by jpdamen

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//build CONTENT objects
		foreach ($items as $item) {
				$newItem = ($x+1)*10;
				$conf['10.'][$newItem] = 'CONTENT';
				$conf['10.'][$newItem.'.'] = $dummyItem;
				$conf['10.'][$newItem.'.']['select.']['uidInList'] = $item['uid'];
				$conf['10.'][$newItem.'.']['select.']['pidInList'] = $item['pid'];
				if($item['lock']) {$conf['10.'][$newItem.'.']['renderObj.']['stdWrap.']['dataWrap'] = $lConf['lockItemWrap'];} // special wrap to make item non-draggable and for providing custom CSS

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php define typoscript from array of associative arrays

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php, textmate

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