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Dim i As Integer
         Dim j As Integer
         Dim row As HtmlTableRow
         Dim cell As HtmlTableCell 

         ' Get the number of rows and columns selected by the user.
         Dim numrows As Integer = CInt(Select1.Value)
         Dim numcells As Integer = CInt(Select2.Value)

         ' Iterate through the rows.
         For j = 0 to numrows - 1 

            ' Create a new row and add it to the Rows collection.
            row = New HtmlTableRow()

            ' Provide a different background color for alternating rows.
            If (j Mod 2) = 1 Then
            End If

            ' Iterate through the cells of a row.
            For i = 0 to numcells - 1 
               ' Create a new cell and add it to the Cells collection.
               cell = New HtmlTableCell()
               cell.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("row " & _ 
                                                 j.ToString() & _ 
                                                 ", cell " & _
            Next i

         Next j

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create html table dynamically

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create html table dynamically

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