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package  {
	public class CameraDemo extends Video {
		private var camera:Camera;
		private var camQuality:int = 80;
		private var fps:int = 30;
		public function CameraDemo(w:Number = 640, h:Number = 480) {
			/*	Set the width and height of the camera's display  */
			this.width = w;
			this.height = h;
		public function startCamera():void 
			/*	Get the default camera for the system	*/
			camera = Camera.getCamera();
			/* Set the bandwidth and camera image quality	*/
			camera.setQuality(0, camQuality);
			/*	Set the size of the camera and frames per second   */
			camera.setMode(this.width, this.height, fps);
			/*	Attach the camera to the video object.. In this case the current class.  */

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Using the webcam in AS3 is super easy.  You just need to attach the camera class to a video instance.  This is a class that extends the video component for easily implementing a webcam display.

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Webcam with AS3

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ActionScript 3