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function getLatandLong($addr,$city,$state)
	global $lat;
	global $lng;
  $doc = new DOMDocument();
  $doc->load("".$addr.",+".$city.",+".$state."&sensor=false"); //input address
  //traverse the nodes to get to latitude and longitude
  $results = $doc->getElementsByTagName("result");
  $results = $results->item(0);
  $results = $results->getElementsByTagName("geometry");
  $results = $results->item(0);
  $results = $results->getElementsByTagName("location");
  foreach($results as $result)
		$lats = $result->getElementsByTagName("lat");
		$lat = $lats->item(0)->nodeValue;
		$lngs = $result->getElementsByTagName("lng");
		$lng = $lngs->item(0)->nodeValue;

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When creating a custom Google Map, the latitude and longitude for the place of interest are needed. Enter in the Address, City, and State, and the lat and lng pair will be returned.

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Use Google Maps API to Get Latitude and Longitude

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