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at September 13, 2010 20:43 by tennison

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// $('',this).imagesLoaded(myFunction)
// execute a callback when all images have loaded.
// needed because .load() doesn't work on cached images

// mit license. paul irish. 2010.
// webkit fix from Oren Solomianik. thx!

// callback function is passed the last image to load
//   as an argument, and the collection as `this`

$.fn.imagesLoaded = function(callback){
  var elems = this.filter('img'),
      len   = elems.length;
      if (--len <= 0){,this); }
     // cached images don't fire load sometimes, so we reset src.
     if (this.complete || this.complete === undefined){
        var src = this.src;
        // webkit hack from
        // data uri bypasses webkit log warning (thx doug jones)
        this.src = "";
        this.src = src;

  return this;

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Alt image loaded script

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image, jquery

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