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at August 14, 2010 01:29 by edwinet

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--Specify the name of the database to count in the following line
USE AdventureWorks; --Added by James_DBA

--Code modified from original posting on SQLServerCentral.Com
SELECT AS "Table Name", i.rowcnt AS "Row Count"
FROM sysobjects o, sysindexes i
AND indid IN(0,1)
--This specifies 'user' databases only
AND xtype = 'u' --Added by James_DBA
--This omits the diagrams table of the database
--You may find other system tables will need to be ommitted,
--you would just name them all here using the <> operator
--i.e. <> dtproperties, <> 'sysdiagrams'
AND <> 'sysdiagrams' --Added by James-DBA

--You could also look further into filtering out temp tables,
--or user specified tables
ORDER BY i.rowcnt DESC --I found it more useful to display 
--the results by 'Row Count' Descending
--The original posting suggested to sort by Table name by
--using the following line, instead of the line I use above:

--The following line adds up all the rowcount results and places
--the final result into a seperate column (below the first resulting table)
COMPUTE SUM(i.rowcnt); --Added by James_DBA

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Get record count for a specific database

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