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at August 11, 2010 19:26 by Rembrand

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$(document).ready(function() {
	$('#form-btw').hide(); //hide field on start
	$('#Klant').change(function() {
	 var $index = $('#Klant').index(this);
	 if($('#Klant').val() != 'professional') { //if this value is NOT selected
	 $('#form-btw').hide(); //this field is hidden
	 else {
	 $('#form-btw').show();//else it is shown


<select name="Klant" id="Klant">
  <option id="field-particulier" value="particulier">Particulier</option>
  <option id="field-professional" value="professional">Professional</option>

<input name="BTW" type="text" class="form-text" id="BTW" />

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Show a form field if 1 value from a dropdown is chosen, hide is the other is chosen. Can be extended to include more fields and values. Could get messy if you start nesting more than 2 'if else' but it gets the job done.

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Show/hide form fields based on a selection from a dropdown menu

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