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Revision: 29541
at August 1, 2010 06:44 by abhiomkar

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find . -maxdepth 1 -iname '*jpg' -exec convert {} -thumbnail x200 -resize '200x<' -resize 50% -gravity center -crop 100x100+0+0 +repage -format jpg -quality 91 thumb/{} \;

Revision: 29540
at July 31, 2010 07:33 by abhiomkar

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find . -maxdepth 1 -iname '*jpg' -exec convert -define jpeg:size=200x200 {} -thumbnail 100x100^ -gravity center -extent 100x100 thumb/{} \;

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Input: .jpg images of current directory\r\n\r\nOutput: the thumbnails will be generated in \'thumb\' folder

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Generate Thumbnails with all same resolution (Cropped)

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resize, image

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