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at July 24, 2010 02:23 by stancox

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  if (!function_exists('mb_ucfirst')) {
    function mb_ucfirst($str, $encoding = "UTF-8", $lower_str_end = false) {
      $first_letter = mb_strtoupper(mb_substr($str, 0, 1, $encoding), $encoding);
      $str_end = "";
      if ($lower_str_end) {
	$str_end = mb_strtolower(mb_substr($str, 1, mb_strlen($str, $encoding), $encoding), $encoding);
      else {
	$str_end = mb_substr($str, 1, mb_strlen($str, $encoding), $encoding);
      $str = $first_letter . $str_end;
      return $str;

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HP’s ucfirst function is very usefull when you want to change words first letters to uppercase and other letters to lowercase. Currently on PHP does not have a multibyte (UTF-8) version of ucfirst function. So I decided write my own multibyte mb_ucfirst function.

Perhaps the multibyte version of ucfirst function is added later on PHP, so that’s why is better add this function only if it does not already exist.

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PHP mb_ucfirst Make a String’s First Character Uppercase-Multibyte (UTF-8) Function

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