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//changing the inner impl of MemCache without affecting the 
//consumers...they get what they need without KNOWING or CARING about 
//the inner implementation of MemCache...

class MemCache extends BaseCache{
	//define("MEM_CACHE_SESSION_KEY", "__memcachesessionkey");	
	public function MemCache(){
		//some intitialization here...
	public function get($key){
		if (!array_key_exists($key, $_SESSION[MEM_CACHE_SESSION_KEY]))
		echo "Huston we have a problem!";
	public function set($key, $val){
		if (array_key_exists($key, $_SESSION[MEM_CACHE_SESSION_KEY]))
			echo "Huston...just to let you know that an override occurs here to $key with val: $val";

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Get Weather - Step 9 - Decoupling

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