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at June 30, 2010 15:00 by beneberle

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svn merge -r1234:1000 http://repository.url/projects/directory /LOCAL/repository/directory

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1. Update your working copy to the latest revision.

2. Merge a specific revision to your current working copy:

svn merge -rHEAD:xxxx [svn-repository-url] [path-to-local-copy]

    * HEAD – indicates the revision of the local copy of the code is the latest revision.
    * xxxx – is the revision which want to rollback.
    * [svn-repository-url] - is the project's URL in SVN repository
    * [path-to-local-copy] - is the path to the local copy of the project

3. Commit the changes which occurs as a result of above steps.

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SVN Rollback Repository to a Previous Revision with svn merge

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