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function attr($s,$attrname) { // return html attribute
	preg_match_all('#\s*('.$attrname.')\s*=\s*["|\']([^"\']*)["|\']\s*#i', $s, $x);
	if (count($x)>=3) return $x[2][0]; else return "";

// id = id of the feed
// n = number of thumbs
function parseFlickrFeed($id,$n) {
	$url = "{$id}&lang=it-it&format=rss_200";
	$s = file_get_contents($url);
	preg_match_all('#<item>(.*)</item>#Us', $s, $items);
	$out = "";
	for($i=0;$i<count($items[1]);$i++) {
		if($i>=$n) return $out;
		$item = $items[1][$i];
		preg_match_all('#<link>(.*)</link>#Us', $item, $temp);
		$link = $temp[1][0];
		preg_match_all('#<title>(.*)</title>#Us', $item, $temp);
		$title = $temp[1][0];
		preg_match_all('#<media:thumbnail([^>]*)>#Us', $item, $temp);
		$thumb = attr($temp[0][0],"url");
		$out.="<a href='$link' target='_blank' title=\"".str_replace('"','',$title)."\"><img src='$thumb'/></a>";
	return $out;

// usage example:
echo parseFlickrFeed("16664181@N00",9);
// you have to use css to customize it

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This is a small tutorial that guide you to use a small php function that parse the flickr\'s feed and output a simply thumbs gallery. Than you can customize the output using css style sheets. Here you can find the functions, follow the link to read the tutorial.

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Parsing Flickr Feed with PHP tutorial

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