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at August 2, 2007 15:20 by iblis

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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use utf8;
use encoding "utf8";
use Getopt::Std;
use Text::BibTeX;
our $opt_r;
die "Usage : $0 [-r] source-file dest-file\n" if !defined( $ARGV[1] ) ;
my $oldfile = shift;
open BIBFILE1, '<:utf8', $oldfile or die "Problem opening $oldfile\n";
my $newfile = shift;
open BIBFILE2, '>:utf8', $newfile or die "Problem opening $newfile\n";
while (my  $entry = new Text::BibTeX::Entry $oldfile, \*BIBFILE1)
	next if !$entry->parse_ok;
	my $keywords = $entry->get ('keywords');
	next if !defined($keywords);
#	my $title = $entry->get ('title');
#	print "$title:\n" if (defined($title));
#	print "$keywords\n-->\n";
	my $tags;
	if (!$opt_r) {
		my @list = split (",", $keywords);
		foreach (@list) {s/^ //g; s/ $//g; s/ /_/g};
		$tags = join(' ', @list);
	else {
#		print "reverse\n";
		my @list = split (" ", $keywords);
		foreach (@list) {s/_/ /g};
		$tags = join(', ', @list);
#	print "/", $tags, "/\n\n";
	$entry->set ('keywords', $tags);
	$entry->print  (\*BIBFILE2);

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Convert (comma separated) keywords to (space separated) tags in BibTeX files for use in social bibliography sites (,

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Convert keywords to tags (and vice versa) in BiBTeX files

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