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% LaTeX Custom Letter Template (German)

% typeset using TeXShop & MacTeX package (

% For alternatives please see:
% -
% -
% -

\documentclass[11pt, a4paper]{article} 
\usepackage[top=1.6cm, bottom=3.2cm, left=2.54cm, right=3.2cm]{geometry}

Herr\hspace{\stretch{1}}Wohnort, den \todayiso\\
Heinz Mustermann\\
Meine Strasse 10\\
12345 Wohnort\\

{\scriptsize\underline{Heinz Mustermann $\ast$ Meine Str. 10 $\ast$ 12345 Wohnort}}


\newcommand{\empfaengeradresse} {
Firma XYZ\\
Abteilung C\\
Brieffach 1234

12345 Stadt

% get custom date format
\newcommand{\todayiso}{\twodigit\day \dateseparator \twodigit\month \dateseparator \the\year}

% disable all underfull hbox & vbox warnings
\hbadness = 10000
\vbadness = 10000

% get phone symbols, etc.
% cf.

% The eurosym package must not precede the marvosym package.

\usepackage{hyphenat}      % \hyp{} command
\usepackage{pdfpages}      % \includepdf[pages=1-4]{file2include.pdf}

%\usepackage[Center]{ragged2e}   % \RaggedRight, \FlushRight, \Centering


% Die Einrueckung der ersten Zeile eines Absatzes wird auf 0pt gesetzt

% Der Abstand zwischen Absaetzen wird erhoeht
\setlength{\parskip}{3ex plus 0.5ex minus 0.2ex} 

% Disable single lines at the start of a paragraph (Schusterjungen) 
\clubpenalty = 10000 

% Disable single lines at the end of a paragraph (Hurenkinder) 
\widowpenalty = 10000 
\displaywidowpenalty = 10000 

% enable: \doublespacing, \onehalfspacing,  \singlespacing

% needed for conditional compilation to suppress pagination for single page documents

% needed for creating a left margin paper-fold mark (for the correct address placement for windowed envelopes)



%  Cf. "Fussnoten: Abstand zwischen Ziffer und Text", 
% (rais on page 2)

% "how to number pages: Page # of n",
%\cfoot{\scriptsize{Seite \thepage\ von \pageref{LastPage}}} 
%\renewcommand\headrulewidth{0pt} % Removes funny header line 

% must be last command in preamble
% hyperfootnotes: cf.


% conditional compilation to suppress pagination for single page documents
% Note: "When you use references, you have to compile your document twice to see the proper output",
% cf.
% \ifthenelse {<test>}{<true>} {<false>}
\ifthenelse{\pageref{LastPage} = 1}{\thispagestyle{empty}}{}
%\ifthenelse{\pageref{LastPage} = 1}{\thispagestyle{empty}}{\cfoot{\scriptsize{Seite \thepage\ von \pageref{LastPage}}}}

% 1.
% create a left margin paper-fold mark at 10 cm  (cf.
% 2.
% write additional information into the right margin of the first page using a minipage inside a minipage



    \begin{minipage}[t][1.9cm][b]{3cm}        % cm values have to be adjusted manually
      \hspace*{18cm}   % causes message: "Overfull \hbox (xxx pt too wide) has occurred while \output is active"
      % use the longest line of the minipage for \widthof{}
      %\begin{minipage}[t]{\widthof{Meine Bankverbindung}}
      % ... or just specify the minipage width explicitly
            \textbf{Meine \\Bankverbindung}:\\
                       Meine Bank AG\\
                       BLZ: 12345678\\
                       Konto: 1234567\\
                       \textbf{Weitere\footnote{\tiny{minipage Fussnote \\aaa bbb ccc ddd  \label{refnoteMinipage}}} \\Informationen}:\footref{refnoteMinipage}\\ 
        }   % tiny

}  % AddToShipoutPicture



% subject line(s)
\item \textbf{Betreff Zeile 1}
\item \textbf{Betreff Zeile 2}


% enable flexible inter-word spacing to avoid 'overfull hbox' due to over-long lines;
% restore default spacing with  \fussy

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,


% requires texcomp package
\euro ~\verb+\euro+



\Mobilefone~\verb+\Mobilefone +

\Faxmachine~\verb+\Faxmachine +

\Email~\verb+\Email +



\texttt{[utf8]} ~\verb+\texttt{[utf8]}+


$\lbrace$ $\vert$ \lbrack





Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Heinz Mustermann


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LaTeX Custom Letter Template (German)

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