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at November 1, 2019 00:13 by PietKeizer

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function makeTextUnreadable($word,$width=1,$height=3) {
	$back = "";
	for($i=0; $i < strlen($word); $i++) {
		$back .= '<div style="height: '.($height*4).'px;width: '.($width*4).'px;float: left;">';
		for($j=0;$j<=$height;$j++) {
			$back .= '<div style="margin: 0;height: 4px;width: '.($width*4).'px;background-color: '.$arr[rand(0,3)].';"></div>';
		$back .= '</div>';
	return $back;

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Function for obfuscate Text in html pages. good for making screenshot and mind data protection if needed. changes Text into many small divs with different bgcolor.

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function to obfuscate web text into random design

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data, text

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