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isStolen = function (ourDomainName) {
	var protocol, urlString, part1, part2, part3, part4, domain;
	//Get the current url
	urlString = _root._url;
	protocol = urlString.substr(0, urlString.indexOf(":"));
	//if we are on the internet.. do the check
	if (protocol == "http") {
		/*get everything between the "://"
		                and the next "/"*/
		part1 = urlString.indexOf("://")+3;
		part2 = urlString.indexOf("/", part1);
		domain = urlString.substring(part1, part2);
		//throw away any prefixes of "."
		part3 = domain.lastIndexOf(".")-1;
		part4 = domain.lastIndexOf(".", part3)+1;
		domain = domain.substring(part4, domain.length);
		//Do the right thing!
		if (domain != ourDomainName) {
			return (true);
		//End if        
	//End if        
};//End function

//Do a check for theives..send them to your page
if (isStolen("")) {
} else {
	delete (isStolen);
}//End if

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How to restrict swf to a specific url

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How to restrict swf to a specific url

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