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Sub ConvertXls2Csv( cFile, cSheet )
   cURL = ConvertToURL( cFile )

   'Print "|"  + cURL + "|"

   ' Open the document.
   ' Just blindly assume that the document is of a type that OOo will correctly recognize and open -- without specifying an import filter.
   oDoc = StarDesktop.loadComponentFromURL( cURL, "_blank", 0, Array(MakePropertyValue("Hidden", True, ) )
   ' Select the desired sheet
   sheets = oDoc.Sheets
   sheets.moveByName(cSheet, 0)
   'change the file ext to 'csv' or whatever you want
   cFile = Left( cFile, Len( cFile ) - 4 ) + "-" + cSheet + ".csv"
   cURL = ConvertToURL( cFile )

   ' Save the document using a filter.   
   oDoc.storeToURL( cURL, Array(MakePropertyValue( "FilterName", "Text - txt - csv (StarCalc)" ),)

   'close the document
   oDoc.close( True )
End Sub

'used to setup the propertyies array
Function MakePropertyValue( Optional cName As String, Optional uValue ) As
   Dim oPropertyValue As New
   If Not IsMissing( cName ) Then
      oPropertyValue.Name = cName
   If Not IsMissing( uValue ) Then
      oPropertyValue.Value = uValue
   MakePropertyValue() = oPropertyValue
End Function

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modified from branflake2267's post at

Paste into the Standard.Module1 macro file.  Then, create xls2csv bash script containing:

    file="$(readlink -f "$1")"
    /usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice -invisible -headless -norestore "macro:///Standard.Module1.ConvertXls2Csv(\"$file\", \"$2\")"

The first argument is the xls file name, second is the name of the sheet:

`xls2csv ./spreadsheet.xls "Some Sheet"`

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Export a Single Sheet of an Excel Spreadsheet as CSV from the Command Line with Open Office

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linux, csv, excel

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