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at January 24, 2010 22:57 by Meander365

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$.fn.focusNextInputField = function() {
	return this.each(function() {
		var fields = $(this).parents('form:eq(0),body').find('button,input,textarea,select');
		var index = fields.index( this );
		if ( index > -1 && ( index + 1 ) < fields.length ) {

			fields.eq( index + 1 ).focus();
		return false;

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I was recently faced with the problem of setting focus to the next input field. The challenge was that I didn’t know what that field was. So given an input field, find the next logical (in the order of the DOM) input field and set focus. I came up with the following jQuery function (plugin) to accomplish this:

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Set Focus to the Next Input Field with jQuery

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javascript, forms, jquery, button

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