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at May 9, 2007 20:04 by rengber

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private void AddParameters(Database db, DbCommand comm, PropertyInfo[] properties, ListDictionary parameters, object target)
            foreach (PropertyInfo pi in properties)
                string paramName = pi.Name;
                if (parameters.Contains(paramName))
                    System.Data.DbType paramType = (System.Data.DbType)parameters[paramName];
                    object value = pi.GetValue(target, null);
                    db.AddInParameter(comm, paramName, paramType, value);


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You could eliminate the ListDictionary if you created a simple method to map C# types to DbTypes.  Although this method also lets you skip over some object properties my using the ListDictionary to contain a subset of properties.  It could also be used to map properties to param names if they needed to differ.

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Adding Parameters to a Command Object Using Relection Over Matching Class Properties

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