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at December 27, 2009 00:35 by sgtrock

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module ApplicationHelper
  def requires_javascript(path)
    content_for :page_dependencies do
      javascript_include_tag path
  def requires_stylesheet(path)
    content_for :page_dependencies do
      stylesheet_link_tag path

    <%= yield :page_dependencies %>

<% requires_javascript "my-view-specific-javascript" %>
<% requires_stylesheet "my-view-specific-stylesheet" %>

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I used to directly inject javascript and CSS into my HEAD elements just like you see in all of the tutorials online and in books. Recently I decided to try a different approach, and I feel this is more in keeping with the ruby and rails "declaration" syntax. It has the added benefit of promoting unobtrusive javascript coding and factoring out page-specific CSS into its own file.

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Requiring javascript and CSS in Rails without directly injecting code into the HEAD element

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css, javascript, html, rails

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