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SPSite site = new SPSite("sharepoint site URL");
int NextID = 0;
if(site.WebApplication.ContentDatabases.Count > 0)
       string DBConnString = site.WebApplication.ContentDatabases[0].DatabaseConnectionString;
       SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(DBConnString);
              SqlCommand com = con.CreateCommand();
              com.CommandText = String.Format("select tp_NextAvailableId from AllLists where tp_ID = '{0}'", listId.ToString());
              NextID = (int)com.ExecuteScalar();

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In order to accurately get the next ID from a SharePoint list you need to access the content database for one reason: If you delete all the items from a list, and execute this simple code: list.Items[list.ItemCount -1].ID) + 1 the ID will always return 0 when in reality the real ID of the next ID will be the auto-increment number in the content database.

Note that list.Items[list.ItemCount -1].ID) + 1 will work as long as one record is always kept in the list and is never deleted.

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Next SPListItem ID From SPList

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