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 * Return a string with all occurrences of substring sub replaced by rep.
 * @param str The original string
 * @param sub The substring to be replace
 * @param rep The replacement
 * @return The new string
char *replace_str(char *str, char *sub, char *rep)
  static char buffer[4096];
  char *p;

  if(! (p = strstr(str, orig)))  // Is 'orig' even in 'str'?
    return str;

  strncpy(buffer, str, p - str); // Copy characters from 'str' start to 'orig' st$
  buffer[p - str] = '\0';

  sprintf(buffer + (p - str), "%s%s", rep, p + strlen(orig));

  return buffer;

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The original string (str) will be changed after calling this function, so if you need it make a copy of it.

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Replace substring with other string

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replace, c

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