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ssh -L 3307:localhost:3306 [email protected]

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    * 3307 is the local port used to connect to the remote database. You can use 3306, however, this could conflict with your PC’s MySQL installation.
    * localhost and 3306 is the MySQL address from the remote server (most people will not need to change this)
    * myusername is your SSH user name
    * is the remote server’s domain or IP address.

The connection details are:

    * ‘localhost’ for the MySQL host address (your end of the tunnel)
    * ‘3307′ for the local port to the remote database (specified in the Plink command)
    * the remote database name, and
    * the remote username and password, i.e. a MySQL account with permissions to access and configure the database.

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MySQL SSH Tunnel

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mysql, ssh

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