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//Some utilities for use in a typical widget that runs on W3C compliant Widget Runtimes
//I am using jQuery's support for cookies, so if you are not using it, please tweak the code at will to fit your needs
WidgetUtilities.prototype = {
	//Get the value associated with a configuration key
	getKey : function(key){
		if (typeof(widget) != "undefined"){ // A Widget Engine!
			return widget.preferenceForKey(key);
		}else{ // It's a browser!
			return $.cookie(key);
	//Set the value associated with a configuration key
	setKey : function(key, value){
		if (typeof(widget) != "undefined"){
			return widget.setPreferenceForKey(value, key);
			return($.cookie(key, value));
	//Get the Pixels Per Inch on the device running the widget
    getWidth : function(){
		var DOM_body = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0];
		var DOM_div = document.createElement('div');
		try{ = 'width: 1in; visibility:hidden;';
		var w = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(DOM_div, null).getPropertyValue('width');
		return parseInt(w);
	//Run a specified function in a "safe" manner. If execution throws an exception, show all available information
	catchy : function(fn){
		return function(){
				fn.apply(fn, arguments);
				var err = [];
				for (var key in e){
					if (!key || typeof key=="function") continue;
					err.push(key + ": " + e[key]);

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Here are several functions I think are very helpfull while building mobile widgets (W3C), ready for your copy-paste pleasure =D

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Widget utilities for W3C compliant Widget Runtimes

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