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at October 16, 2009 16:19 by ptepper

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use CGI;  

$query = CGI::new(); 

my %fields_temp = $query->Vars;
my %fields      = ();

foreach my $key (keys %fields_temp) {
    if ( $key =~ /(.+)\[\]$/ ) { ## Handle PHP style array inputs 
        if(exists $fields{$1}){
            $fields{$1} = $fields{$1} . ",". $fields_temp{$key};
            $fields{$1} = $fields_temp{$key};
    else {
	$fields{$key} = $fields_temp{$key};

foreach my $key (sort keys %fields) {
    unless ($key =~ /(.+)\[\]$/ ){
	push(@keys, $key);
	push(@values, $fields{$key});

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This is inspired by this so I'm using a similar example. In PHP you can combine a set of checkboxes into an array using square brackets like this:

      <input> Red<br>
      <input> Green<br>
      <input> Blue<br>
      <input> Gold<br>

PHP does not do this automatically but it's pretty simple to do if you filter by regular expressions.

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Process PHP-style array (square brackets) from HTML form in Perl CGI

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php, array, forms, perl

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