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at January 22, 2007 07:31 by tictoc

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# so we can work with relative paths

# construct a default name for the duplicate
def_name=`perl -pe <<<"$TM_FILENAME" 's/^(.*?)(\.[^.]*)?$/$1 copy$2/'`

# prompt user for a name
CocoaDialog inputbox --text "$def_name" --button1 "Duplicate" --button2 "Cancel"|{

    # if user selected 'Duplicate' and file doesn't exist
    read res; read new_name;
    if [[ "$res" == "1" && ! -e "$new_name" ]]; then

       # do the actual duplication
       cp -p "$TM_FILENAME" "$new_name"

       # force TM to refresh project drawer and open duplicate
       { osascript -e 'tell application "SystemEvents" to activate' \
                   -e 'tell application "TextMate" to activate'

	  # open -a TextMate "$new_name"; 
} &>/dev/null &


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Textmate command: Duplicate file

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command, textmate, copy

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