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public static void PlaceHolderToTag(PlaceHolder holder, string tag, HtmlAttr[] attributes) {

		if (!holder.Visible) { return; }

		//Init new control to use as tag
		HtmlControl newControl = new HtmlGenericControl(tag);

		//Add attributes
		foreach (HtmlAttr attr in attributes) {
			newControl.Attributes.Add(attr.Key, attr.Value);

		//Add all the place holder's controls
		foreach (Control ctrl in holder.Controls) {


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## Markup ##
_Using square [ ] brackets for compatibility with Snipplr comment form_

	[asp:PlaceHolder ID="StuffHolder" runat="server" ]
		<p>Some stuff in here</p>

## Code Behind ##

	HtmlAttr[] attributes = {
		new HtmlAttr("id","stuff"),
		new HtmlAttr("class","container")
	PlaceHolderToTag(StuffHolder, "div", attributes);

## Result ##

	[div id="stuff" class="container"]
		<p>Some stuff in here</p>
### Notes:

Useful with the "Visible" property on the placeholder, and facilites 
programmically setting IDs on DIVs (can set id based on some item name)

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Convert ASP.NET PlaceHolder to HTML tag with attributes

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html, c, aspnet

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