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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- $Id: mail-service.xml 62349 2007-04-15 16:48:15Z [email protected] $ -->

  <!-- ==================================================================== -->
  <!-- Mail Connection Factory                                              -->
  <!-- ==================================================================== -->

  <mbean code="org.jboss.mail.MailService"
    <attribute name="JNDIName">java:/Mail</attribute>
    <attribute name="User">username</attribute>
    <attribute name="Password">password</attribute>
    <attribute name="Configuration">
      <!-- A test configuration -->
        <!-- Change to your mail server prototocol -->
        <property name="" value="pop3"/>
        <property name="mail.transport.protocol" value="smtp"/>

        <!-- Change to the user who will receive mail  -->
        <property name="mail.user" value="nobody"/>

        <!-- Change to the mail server  -->
        <property name="" value=""/>

        <!-- Change to the SMTP gateway server -->
        <property name="" value=""/>	
        <property name="mail.smtp.auth" value="true"/><!-- for authentication -->
        <!-- The mail server port -->
        <property name="mail.smtp.port" value="25"/>
        <!-- Change to the address mail will be from  -->
        <property name="mail.from" value="[email protected]"/>

        <!-- Enable debugging output from the javamail classes -->
        <property name="mail.debug" value="false"/>


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This is the default Mail-Config file mail-service.xml by JBoss with the additional line for authentication.

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JBoss Mail-Config with Authentication

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