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class BootStrap {

     def authenticateService

     def init = { servletContext ->

	//Adding Roles
	def roleAdmin = new Role(authority:'ROLE_ADMIN', description:'App admin').save()
	def roleUser  = new Role(authority:'ROLE_USER', description:'App user').save()

	//Adding Users
	def userGod = new User(username:'god', 
				userRealName:'god almighty', 
				enabled: true,
				emailShow: true,
				email: '[email protected]',
				passwd: authenticateService.encodePassword('god')).save()

	def userSlave = new User(	username:'slave',
					userRealName:'poor slave',
					enabled: true,
					emailShow: true,
					email: '[email protected]',
					passwd: authenticateService.encodePassword('slave')).save()

	def secureUserEdit = new RequestMap(url: '/user/edit', configAttribute:'ROLE_ADMIN').save()
	def secureUserSave = new RequestMap(url: '/user/save', configAttribute:'ROLE_ADMIN').save()
	def secureUserCreate = new RequestMap(url: '/user/create', configAttribute:'ROLE_ADMIN').save()

	def secureUserList = new RequestMap(url: '/user/list', configAttribute:'ROLE_ADMIN, ROLE_USER').save()

	//Note that here we associate users with their respective roles

     def destroy = {

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