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Public Function EncryptString(ByVal InSeed As Integer, ByVal InString As String) As String
   Dim c1 As Integer
   Dim NewEncryptString As String
   Dim EncryptSeed As Integer
   Dim EncryptChar As String

   NewEncryptString = ""
   EncryptSeed = InSeed
   For c1 = 1 To Len(InString)
      EncryptChar = Mid(InString, c1, 1)
      EncryptChar = Chr(Asc(EncryptChar) Xor EncryptSeed)
      EncryptSeed = EncryptSeed Xor c1
      NewEncryptString = NewEncryptString & EncryptChar

   EncryptString = NewEncryptString
End Function

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Passing in a seed and your string will return an encrypted string. Pass in the same seed and the encrypted string again and it will return the original unencrypted string.

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Simple String Encryption

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