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at January 18, 2009 17:10 by narkisr

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# reseting 
$ git show-ref -h HEAD
  7c61179cbe51c050c5520b4399f7b14eec943754 HEAD

$ git reset --hard HEAD^
  HEAD is now at 39ba87b Fixing about and submit pages so they don't look stupid

$ git show-ref -h HEAD
  39ba87bf28b5bb223feffafb59638f6f46908cac HEAD

# the commit object still exists
$ git fsck --lost-found
  [... some blobs omitted ...]
  dangling commit 7c61179cbe51c050c5520b4399f7b14eec943754

# showing the log of the old references of HEAD 
$ git reflog
  39ba87b... HEAD@{0}: HEAD~1: updating HEAD
  7c61179... HEAD@{1}: pull origin master: Fast forward
  [... lots of other refs ...]

# restoring HEAD back from the dangling ref object hash
$ git merge 7c61179
  Updating 39ba87b..7c61179
  Fast forward
    css/screen.css |    4 ++++
    submit.html    |    4 ++--
    2 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

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This snippet shows how to restore HEAD after using Git's reset method (see

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Restoring HEAD after a reset in Git

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Bash, git

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