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at January 17, 2009 05:08 by koorb

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# this makes the "delete" key work rather than 
# just entering a ~
"\e[3~": delete-char

# these allow you to use ctrl+left/right arrow keys
# to jump the cursor over words
"\e[5C": forward-word
"\e[5D": backward-word

# these allow you to start typing a command and 
# use the up/down arrow to auto complete from 
# commands in your history
"\e[B": history-search-forward
"\e[A": history-search-backward

# this lets you hit tab to auto-complete a file or 
# directory name ignoring case
set completion-ignore-case On

# I'm not sure what keys these are!
"\e[1~": beginning-of-line
"\e[4~": end-of-line
"\e[5~": beginning-of-history
"\e[6~": end-of-history
"\e[2~": quoted-insert

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Adds extra functionality to the bash terminal

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.inputrc (Mac OS X) / .bashrc (Linux)

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