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at December 29, 2008 12:33 by krunkosaurus

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// move "blogs module" to top of page when on "My Home"
if (Ka.Info.PAGE === "pages/myPlace.jsp"){
    //move Most Recent Blog Posts to the top

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In this example below I am moving the "recent blogs" module in "My Home" to the very top. I have placed this code in the footer of my Affiliate Center wrapped in script tags.

For maximum efficiency:
1) Use the inspect tool in Firebug to find the main container you want to move (the element that's wrapping around the content you want to move). 

2) Find the ID of the element you want to insert into, after, or before.

3) Write your code like below. Instead of using .insertBefore, you can use any of the options on this page under "insert outside" and "insert inside":

4) Don't forget to wrap your code around an if statement to target the specific page(s) only so that your code doesn't run on your other KickApps pages.

For more tips and tricks checkout the <a href="">KickApps resources page</a>.

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Move modules around on your KickApps powered site

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